How many blocks do you need?

To find out how many blocks of Green Switch you need to buy to match your own household's energy use with renewable energy, and how that will benefit the environment, fill in your monthly use of energy (in kilowatt-hours or dollars) and touch the indicator bar to see the effect of the percentage you choose and the cost. These numbers are derived from the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.*

Monthly usage kWh
Monthly bill dollars

Percent you wish to match:


                   25%                  50%                 75%                100%

1 block = 200 kWh


Buying blocks of Green Switch allows you to match of your monthly energy use at a cost of only .

Energy Equivalent

Each month, the renewable energy generation associated with your 0 block purchase will be roughly the carbon dioxide reduction equivalent of:

• Using 0 gallons of gasoline

• Driving 0 miles

• Burning 0 pounds of coal

*Green-e Energy does not certify or verify carbon emissions claims or methodologies for calculating emissions related to biogas.


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